All Submissions for Autumn/Winter 2016- FREE OF CHARGE.

A bit of Background…

Looky Bag was designed by Artists Nicola Winstanley and Sarah Nadin, to help promote and distribute the good work of Artists connected to Stoke-on-Trent and inform the general public of what is happening culturally in the city. 

As well as including local cultural news and events, a major part of Looky Bag’s appeal is the wealth of creative content to be found within, supplied by local creative practitioners and cultural businesses. This is Looky Bag’s first full scale issue of 4000 bags, which will be distributed across North Staffordshire in early September and will be available free to the public in shops and cafes until the end of February. 

Free to Enter:

Because this is our first issue, for which we have been supported by The Arts Council England and Sponsored by the UK City of Culture Bid for Stoke-on-Trent 2021, all successful submissions will be included in the Looky Bag FREE OF CHARGE. From the next issue (Spring 2017) we will introduce two types of submission: ADVERT and FEATURE. You can read more about this here

If you are a cultural business and are interested in submitting promotions for this issue of Looky Bag, please contact us to discuss it. Deadline for enquiries is 15th August.

Artists Brief

This issue of Looky Bag is sponsored by Stoke-on-Trent’s bid for the UK City of Culture 2021. Already this bid is set to transform the cultural landscape of the city, putting artists at the helm of regeneration and providing possibilities for people to reconnect with their heritage, think big about the future and interact more positively with the city in general. We are keen to explore the implications of the bid within the Autumn/Winter 2016 issue and are looking for submissions from Artists of all specialisms that relate to this subject. You are free to be as abstract and imaginative as you like about this subject and how it might affect you and the city.

Things to consider:

• There is limited space in the Looky Bag so we will be selecting what we feel is the best overall collection of submissions for the bag, so be original, exploratory and focused on the subject in whatever medium you choose. You are free to submit work you have already done if you feel that it responds to the brief, we would prefer it if this work has not been widely publicised before. 

• You are free to supply your submitted content for the Looky Bag yourself, but for printed content we will reproduce your work in photocopy in black and white for all 4000 copies of this issue at no cost to you. We will have a selection of coloured papers and may be able to print in colour in certain circumstances, but please confirm with us that this will be possible before embarking on the work. 

• Since the majority of work will be reproduced by photocopy in black and white, please consider how well the work will reproduce before submitting.

• If you are submitting a finished article for inclusion in the Looky Bag, you could choose the quantity you produce- this could be a one-off to be found by one ‘Looky Bagger’ or 20, 100, 1000 to be distributed evenly between the 4000 bags. 

• Whatever it is, it has to fit neatly and safely into a Looky Bag. Each Looky Bag is approximately A5 in size, so content can be smaller than this or folded. Consider whether your submission is practical for this product. If you are in any doubt, contact us beforehand and we can help you. 

• Do remember to sign your work and add contact details if you intend for people to contact you. 

What’s the Catch? 

If your work is chosen for this issue, we would like you to help us pack the Looky Bags ready for distribution. There will be a team of us doing this and there will be refreshments and minimal paper cuts. The packing dates will be between 22nd and 24th August, so please keep these dates free if you plan to submit. 

The Deadline:

All submissions need to be in by midday on the 15th August. This is to include a good quality, print ready image of the work (where appropriate), a short description and how you would like the work to be printed (size, paper colour preferences etc.) We will let you know as soon after the submission date as possible if you have been successful. 

Please send all submission and enquiries to

We can’t wait to see what you send us! Best of Luck, Nic & Sarah

Autumn/Winter 2016
Autumn/Winter 2016
Autumn/Winter 2016
Autumn/Winter 2016