Over the past two days we’ve been mainly walking up and down Piccadilly, introducing ourselves to the shop owners and finding out what it is like for people working in the Cultural Quarter today. Many are finding it difficult to say the least, but gladly most people we’ve spoken to are open to the idea of creative intervention. ‘Anything’ they say, ‘that could help energise the street, we’re up for’.

Our job now is to design ways in which artists, cultural practitioners and other creative groups can benefit from working with or within these businesses. Our feeling is that if these mutually beneficial relationships can be built and sustained, it would be a step towards creating a real living and breathing Cultural Quarter.

So recently we have been investigators on the trail of potential partners, work spaces, participants and building owners. It’s exciting to live so inquisitively, one of the reasons I think artists do what they do. You don’t have to be an artist to live inquisitively however, here is a fantastic trail you can do around the Cultural Quarter that we just found on Historypin. Click the image to take a virtual tour.

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