Emotive eyes on moving screens,
Captivate the mood through cinematic portals
Minds wondering and wandering up the stairs,
The roof of imagination on a silvered screen.
Look in anticipation,
Street life on stage.
Here and now,
Proud of Piccadilly and its page.

This is a extract from a poem by former Staffordshire Poet Laureate Tom Wyre. It is inlayed in the pavement outside Panasonic where our first residency project begins today. When I first spotted it, our idea was already formed. I got shivers when it dawned on me how pertinent it was.

The idea is a simple one; to make the most of the high definition screens (or cinematic portals, if you will) that dominate the space, Panasonic will be hosting a programme of photography exhibitions for the duration of the project.

The exhibition begins today with 5 small collections by Jenny Harper and Tim Diggles of the Photographers Collective North Staffordshire. Themes include childhood, domesticity, seasonal change and urban landscapes. The exhibition also includes an excellent project by Diggles, in which he has retaken well known photographs using only himself in his own small front room.

Tim Diggles - timaskeeler  Jenny Harper - Adventures in Childhood Photography Exhibition at Burslem School of Art-7  Tim Diggles - Flat Life 15

IMG_1767This exhibition is made possible by two simple things- 1. A number of USB sticks and 2. Cooperation between photographer and business. There is no cost to either yet there is a mutual benefit to each. Our project budget has paid for 26 USB sticks (one for each TV in the shop) which any image maker, film maker or sound artist can collect from the store to curate their own exhibition.

Over the coming weeks we’re planning to work with several other groups to create new exhibitions. Make sure you drop by next time you find yourself in the CQ.



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